YPSO Laney College Orchestra Class Enrollment Instructions - Fall 2019

FOR MUSICIANS 9th - 12th Grade

YPSO is part of the Laney College Performing Arts Alliance (LCPAA) program. YPSO's participation in the Alliance consists of an orchestra course (Music 30 - College Orchestra) that is offered at Laney College in Oakland during the fall and spring semesters each academic year.  We require all eligible YPSO musicians enroll in the class because it provides a major financial benefit to YPSO, but it also provides musicians with two units of college credit per semester they can list on their four-year university applications. YPSO musicians may take the class for a total of four semesters (8 units of credit). Maestro Ramadanoff assigns all enrolled YPSO musicians a letter grade for the course each semester unless you choose to take the class credit/no credit.

Students may take the class once, then repeat it three times, for a total of four semesters. If you were enrolled while you were in Berkeley Youth Orchestra (BYO) or Oakland Youth Orchestra (OYO), those classes count toward the four times total you can enroll for credit. If you are not sure if you have been enrolled for three semesters, please contact Laney's Admissions and Records Office at 510-464-3121, or check your Peralta/Laney College online account. 

Please Note: If you have previously taken the YPSO Laney College Orchestra class four times, you aren't eligible to enroll in the class. You may stop here.

Summary of Enrollment Steps for 9th-12th grade musicians.

1. Enroll online in Peralta Community College District for new students (California Community College general application and then the Laney College application)

2. Once you've enrolled in Peralta, please write down your online ID & PW, and your 8-digit student ID number.

3. Download, print, complete and have your school administrator stamp and sign the High School Special Enrollment Form

4. Turn in your completed High School Special Enrollment Form at rehearsal by Monday, May 20, 2019.



You must sign up for a user ID and password online and then complete the rest of the process by paper. Do not attempt to enroll in the class online. High school students can't enroll directly in classes online. You can only register online as a student who is eligible to take classes. The Laney Admissions and Records Office enrolls YPSO musicians/high school students manually into the YPSO Music 30 Class using their special enrollment form (see below). You must choose a major when registering online as a student, so just select "music." You must complete the California Community College Application and the Laney College Application, too, when registering as a student online. If you completed the class enrollment in the past, you should have a user ID and password in the online system. If you have problems or questions, you can call the help line for online registration at 510-464-3540. 

Here's the link to Laney College's/Peralta Community College District's Online Enrollment Page: Click Here

Once you've completed the online enrollment, you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours. When your Peralta/Laney account is created, you'll be assigned an 8-digit student ID number.


3) Fill out completely the paper High School Special Enrollment Program form in ink and have the high school’s office personnel stamp/emboss the form with the school’s seal. You must also have your high school principal and counselor sign the form. Please also write your student's 8-digit student ID number at the top of the form. Note that the form already has the class code and Laboratory and Lecture information filled in at the bottom of the page for the Fall 2019 YPSO class. For the Fall Semester 2019 to choose the credit/no credit option instead of a letter grade, you must write "credit/no credit" at the top of your form, and turn in your form at rehearsal by Monday, June 3, 2019. (You will be assigned a letter grade for the class.) Home school students who are enrolled in a charter school, private school or are part of an independent study program through a public or private school complete the "HIGH SCHOOL AUTHORIZATION" section the same way students of site-based schools do but do not complete the "HOME SCHOOL DISTRICT AUTHORIZATION" section. HOMESCHOOLERS - please have your district administrator stamp and sign the form.

4) Please turn in at rehearsal the completed High School Special Enrollment Program Form by Monday, June 3, 2019.

Please Note: Once you've completed your special enrollment form and turned it in to us, YPSO will take your form to Laney. You DO NOT need to go to the Laney campus. 

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