Favorite YPSO Memory
Playing in the Musikverein was perhaps one of the greatest moments in my life. There is always that usual concert adrenaline rush that I get from playing a concert. What happened at the Musikverein was this feeling and exponentially more. Playing my heart out while looking out to the crowd during the final note of La Mer was a moment of pure awe and bliss. Our numerous curtain calls and huge roar from the audience made me realize the unique experiences and opportunities that YPSO has provided me not only in the Bay Area but internationally as well. I will never forget that night.

What I Would Tell A Friend
At YPSO we are a family. Things might be rough at first if you come in new and don't know anyone. However, after the retreat to Carmel, you will see that these kids truly are something special. The music and the bonding that develops over the years is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

Post YPSO Plans
New York University