My Favorite Memory of David Ramadanoff
My favorite memory of David is eating breakfast with him, Pam, and my friend Eric Hung on our tour to Central Europe. That year was special because I was serving as the principal second violin and throughout the year David really helped me be confident in my ability to lead my section. All week I'd really wanted to have breakfast with David and Pam but every morning they would always finish before I could get myself out of bed. On one of the last days, when I got down to breakfast I saw that David and Pam were still eating, so I dragged Eric over so we could share a conversation with them. We reveled in the fact that we were spending a morning with David and Pam as if we were part of their family. Pam would have been the type of mom who was secretly on your side. David would have been one of those stern and extremely intelligent dads who always has a dry witty joke up his sleeve. 

Life After YPSO - Oberlin College