My Favorite Memory of David Ramadanoff
Honestly there are so many and some of them I'm not certain if they were imagined or real. But one that I do remember was actually quite a series of them whenever David's voice rumbled above the noise the orchestra made, rolling his r's: “TRRRRRROMBONES!!!” Always the cherry on the cake at every rehearsal.  

Favorite Memory of YPSO
My second Carmel retreat with YPSO was a time when it was just my close friends and I all sprawled out on the lawn in Hidden Valley. We were looking up at the stars when all the sudden Lark started singing a tune. Everyone immediately followed with their own additions until it was an a cappella version of every Disney song we knew by heart. Mack was definitely most impressive with his incredibly deep voice. It was one of the most magical experiences in YPSO for me. 

Life After YPSO - Evergreen State University